Balin & Associati is an association of professionals born in 2004 as a spin-off of a traditional Lawyer and CPA Firm. It comes from the intuition of the founding partner, dr. Umberto Balin, with the aim of offering qualified counsel to address all fundamental areas of commercial and industrial business enterprises, joining the skills of chartered accountants and lawyers with an international background.

Thanks to the experience gained over several years by providing consulting services to small, medium and large size companies as well as multinational groups and financial institutions, Balin & Associati handles complex professional issues with companies from all industries and sectors on a daily basis.

The Firm offers wide and interdisciplinary counseling, ranging from debt restructuring to M&A and extraordinary finance operations. Specific skills have also been developed in the field of international taxation and the legal and tax intricacies related to banking, financial and capital market transactions. Balin & Associati also handles domestic tax related matters and a level of excellence and customer oriented assistance is guaranteed.

The firm therefore proposes itself as a one-stop-one-shop consultant, being able to join the client in every phase of the company's evolution. Balin & Associati can offer a range of highly specialized skills and services in favor of companies for which decisions must be taken with an international perspective and orientation. Services range from corporate and tax planning, to contract drafting and counseling, as well as from management control systems to corporate finance, up to possible turn arounds.

Balin & Associati operates with offices in Padua, Venice, Milan and Rome and is comprised of about 20 professionals, chartered accountants and lawyers, who collaborate in project teams with a multi-disciplinary approach. Most of the professionals of the Firm have gained, through their careers and expertise, work experience within multinational structures.

Although operating mainly in the area of reference (North East Italy), Balin & Associati has established an intense network of professional relationships with primary consultants, both at a national and at an international level, in order to offer integrated and widespread consultancy services.



  • To provide structured and quality solutions to the complex needs of rapidly developing clients who strive for increasingly professional skills.
  • To offer innovative and personalized consulting and services, guaranteeing each client a high level and extremely personalized service based on trust and fairness in relationships.
  • To pursue an integration strategy which combines different professional skills, also by means of outsourcing and networking to provide an “all-in-one” solution.
  • To guarantee maximum professionalism and specialization of all human resources, through a constant investment in professional formation.




Umberto Balin               Lawyer in Commerce and CPA

Margherita Cabianca      Lawyer in Commerce and CPA

Francesca Gardellin        Lawyer in Commerce and CPA

Viviana Pigal                  Lawyer in Commerce and CPA

Dott. Alberto Gori           Lawyer in Commerce and CPA


Balin & Associates employs about 20 executive staff and specialized collaborators.


The Firm headquarters are based in an 800sqm location in the center of Padua, Italy, the most important industrial town in the Venice area.